English speaking course participants

The courses are in Danish. Translation from Danish to English during the course will be offered for the courses in Copenhagen. Contact course secretariat if you have any questions or need guidance regarding the translation service provided.

Course fee

The course fee must be paid before participation in the course. The fee includes lunch (sandwich) and two coffee breaks.

The regular course fee in 2024

3100 DKK + 580 DKK translation fee

Late registration course fee (14 days before the course)

3100 DKK + 580 DKK translation fee

3550 DKK + 580 DKK translation fee

For courses with translation:

Course translation will be offered for an additional fee of 580 DKK, which will cover the simultaneous interpretation/translation, English material, and a certificate with a translation notation.

If you wish to register for the course with translation, you will need to register under the participant category “Participant (with translation)” and follow the registration process to the end. We reserve the right not to offer this option if less than 8 participants have requested translation. In such case, we will offer an alternative option.


The courses consist of 6 active hours (the mandatory number of teaching hours); additionally, there are lunch and breaks where participants can relax. Diplomas are handed out at the end of the course day.

The organizers are Dr. Jørgen Serup from the Tattoo Clinic, Bispebjerg Hospital, and CAP-partner, Frederiksberg.

Professional responsibility for the hygiene course

Professor and head of the Tattoo Clinic of Bispebjerg Hospital, Jørgen Serup, is responsible for the course. The course is quality assured by an independent expert in the field of hygiene, Professor Jørn Kolmos of Odense University.

The validity period for the mentioned courses is long! Currently, there are no requirements for refresher courses, and there is no expiry date.

The theoretical and practical content of the course

The themes in the course program are identical to the legal requirements:
  • Routes of infection and infection risks associated with tattooing
  • Hand hygiene with individual demonstrations of correct execution
  • Proper use of personal protective equipment
  • Infection control requirements for premises, furniture, and layout of tattoo establishments
  • Segregation of clean and contaminated areas within the tattooing site
  • Cleaning and disinfection of premises, furniture, and equipment
  • Cleaning and sterilization of reusable tattoo equipment and procedures thereof
  • Correct infection control handling of tattoo ink
  • Storage of tattoo ink and sterile and clean tattoo equipment
  • Skin preparation before tattooing
  • Prevention of needlestick and sharps injuries
  • Relevant consumer information on infection control, including the obligation to provide the information materials prepared by the Danish Patient Safety Authority.


The teaching includes basic learning about clinical infections acquired through tattooing and their microbial causes.

The instruction is delivered through lectures, demonstrations, and exercises, with opportunities for questions and dialogue.

Course certificate

On the day of the course, participants will be provided with their individual course certificate upon completion of the course. The certificate original is a paper version in Danish. If you have requested a translation service the certificate will include a note stating the translation service in your case. The course is specially designed to match the European CEN standard, find the English text under ‘Lovgivning’.

If the certificate is lost, please, contact the secretariat at and request a new orginale certificate. An administrative fee will be charged. Once payment is received, a new certificate will be produced and sent by surface mail.

Note: All participants who have completed the course will be listed on the course website with their name and date of participation. Participants who do not wish their course participation to be publicized must actively request to be anonymous.

Cancellation terms

Cancellation of registration must be notified in writing to the course secretariat CAP Partner at Cancellations postmarked 30 days prior to the course day will be refunded deducting the administration cost of 320 DKK. Cancellations after this date will not be refunded. If, for reasons beyond the control of the organisers, the course is cancelled, the registration fee will be refunded after deduction of expenses incurred by the course.